Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jeep Parts? Crown Automotive Parts is the One for You

A man in Boston 43 years ago began the company known as Crown Automotive Parts.  What started in a storefront has turned into a world leader in producing and selling Jeep parts and accessories. There are Crown warehouses in 3 states as well as 2 foreign countries.  Not bad for starting in a storefront, huh?  Crown Automotive Parts has paved the way for success in today’s world of Jeep.  Crown understands that Jeep owners do not think of a Jeep as a mere vehicle…a mode of transportation from Point A to Point B.  For a Jeep owner, the vehicle is the mode of escape from the everyday drudge that is life.  You can lose yourself in the open road leaving work, home, troubles and worries behind. Go off-roading and experience anew the fun that you had ‘mud riding’ when you were a teenager.  Just be free.

Ok, off my soapbox about Jeep ownership and back to the subject at hand.

Which parts can I get from Crown?

Crown produces parts for Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Commander, Jeep CJ (Civilian Jeep or Willys Jeep), Cherokee and Liberty.    In stock, they keep more than 8000 different parts.  They make parts that you really can’t find anymore and parts that have been discontinued by the factory, even for Jeeps as old as 1942 models. You can get parts and accessories for over 70 years of Jeep models.  That’s probably older than most of you reading this!

Where can I get parts from this manufacturer?

More than likely, you can find a dealer or distributer of Crown parts somewhere near you.  Just go to their website and do a search.  If there is not a dealer or a distributer near you, their parts are available from multiple online sources.  You can also order a catalog from their website.  Crown parts are strictly sold wholesale so you will need to find a dealer for them instead of ordering directly from Crown.

Are my parts covered?

Yes.  All Crown parts come with a 12,000 mile/12 month warranty.  Exclusions do apply to anything that is not an actual manufacturer’s defect.

With Crown’s dedication to excellence in the field of Jeep parts and accessories you really can’t go wrong.  In some cases Crown might be the ONLY manufacturer to still make some of your Jeep parts.  With that in mind, Crown should ALWAYS be at the top of your list when you need that something special for your Jeep.

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