Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Crown Auto - Manufacturing Jeep parts since 1963

Crown Auto started as a small company in Boston way back in 1963.They have been parts manufacturer and distributor for Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Commander, Liberty, Wrangler and Jeep CJ. The small company has now managed to grow its roots in Spain, Nevada, Georgia, Czech Republic and Massachusetts. They have grown to lead the industry for quality replacement parts. They have been catering to Jeeps dated 1942 till now with close to 8,000 different parts. This has helped people maintain their vintage Jeeps. Customers can put their money in brake, clutch, axle, body, engine, driveline, cooking, exhaust, fuel, electrical, transmission, transfer case components and suspensions, all of which happens to be part of Crown Auto family.

Jeeps are synonymous with rugged terrains and tough handling. Thus it becomes imperative to use only quality parts in them. Crown Auto ensures that all parts that they distribute are thoroughly tested before coming out in the market. In addition to that they offer a warranty period of 12 months or 12,000 miles to instill and reassure their clientele about the quality of their products.

If you visit their website you will notice that they provide information in various languages like Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Hebrew, etc. This long list shows that they have got a large and diverse customer base. The company also provides installation instructions for most of its parts that makes the life of their customers easier. Each instruction document states the step-by-step installation process with the related do's and don'ts list. They keep introducing new products and maintain a separate list for them. You can always seek dealer assistance in case you are unable to locate a particular part online. Each part comes with information regarding the Jeep that they will fit into. Thus, helping the customer choose the product best suited for their vehicle. In case of any issues with the Crown products or parts you can contact their authorized dealer for help. An authentic Crown part will carry its logo on the package.

The company only deals with wholesale account holders. So it expects all consumers to get in touch with Crown dealers for any kind of transaction. Jeep owners will always indulge in quality parts that are also affordable. Crown Auto has managed to understand this pulse of the owners and hence provide parts at great deals.

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